5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Sand Beige) Metal Gelg Jerry Can (Blemished)

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52 reviews

52 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Sand Beige) Metal Gelg Jerry Can (Blemished)

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  1. Verified owner thomas lambie

    Love these cans, I have ten of them.

  2. Verified owner Jim P.

    Works good for now. No leaks holds fuel just fine

  3. Verified owner Brandon

    Seems well made

  4. Verified owner Josiah Wallis

    like the black ones, but sand colored! work amazingly well.

  5. Verified owner colton c.

    Very nice product, but it seems to have a attachment point of a mount that would hold the nozzle for you. But it’s not provided

  6. Verified owner Jess Landin

    The description said it was blemished but I couldn’t find where. It looks perfect.

  7. Verified owner Joey

    Very well made can seals are excellent.

  8. Verified owner Robin M.

    A company with integrity – my initial order was damaged in transit, and the replacement was shipped the next day!

  9. Verified owner Chris P.

    Very good quality

  10. Verified owner Kenneth

    Looks good.

  11. Verified owner Timothy Green

    Excellent product.

  12. Verified owner Adam

    No problems at all. Great service and product.

  13. Verified owner Anonymous

    Fast service great product as advertised. Will buy again

  14. Verified owner Anonymous

    Great quality cans that don’t leak and will stand the test of time!

  15. Verified owner Matthew T.

    Fair pricing for a great product. Not sure why the cans were listed as blems, they look and work great.

  16. Verified owner Vincent N.

    Outstanding can for the price. Blemishes are not noticeable at all really. They definitely do not impact function. Great cans.

  17. Verified owner Kenney W.

    Arrived as expected and really happy to have them. Getting rid of my plastic gas cans for good!

  18. Verified owner Anonymous

    Great quality

  19. Verified owner Chris

    Cans were great! Blemished cans are a great deal. I couldn’t tell that there was any kind of defect to them.

  20. Verified owner Douglas C.

    Ordered multiple cans, delivered quickly with no issues. Could not be happier with my purchase. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. I will be a return customer.

  21. Verified owner Paul Ogland

    Love the cans. Hard to tell they are blemished. Only complaint is I prefer the pin lock on the older cans to the new cotter key type lock.

  22. Verified owner charles h.

    Great product, Easy to order, Fast shipping.

  23. Verified owner Jaime Fushille


  24. Verified owner David A.

    Just what they are supposed to be–jerry cans for fuel, delivered promptly and up to specifications.

  25. Verified owner thomas lambie

    ive bought about 8 of these things. with spouts black green tan..
    gave them as gifts.
    everyone that recieved these from me, gave me liquor in return, so Boys buy em up..
    that’s a gift that never quits giving..

  26. Verified owner Chris

    Love these cans. They are durable and do not have all the cheap plastic safety nozzles that always break

  27. Verified owner michael w.

    Best purchase ever. I’ve been putting off the Jerry can purchase for a long time now, but I finally did it. I bought ‘blemished’ cans, but cannot see any imperfection, which only shows me their high standards. I bought 2 at this time, I plan on getting 4 more.

  28. Verified owner Anonymous

    Nice jugs!

  29. Verified owner Sam

    I ordered 2 blemished cans and they came to me in perfect condition

  30. Verified owner John Alioto

    Rugged and well made. No blemishes noticed

  31. Verified owner Neal park


  32. Verified owner Anonymous

    True to form. No rattles or loose parts. Well constructed and should provide years of reliable use.

  33. Verified owner Anonymous

    Solid can and you can’t tell there are paint blemishes

  34. Verified owner Michael Schwendau

    Just all around awesome!!!

  35. Verified owner James Herrick

    The cans are good, some with no blemish at all. Shopping around they are the best deal. I made my order overseas and delivered to my house in the US and was able to communicate with them no problem, no Bots or auto replies.

  36. Verified owner Brett B.

    Absolutely fabulous condition, couldn’t find any flaws, and company is top Notch!!!

  37. Verified owner Jeremy

    Feels well made and does the job. Only had them a few days so time will tell.

  38. Verified owner Dale Price

    Not a Wavian, but a darn nice can. Wavian spouts don’t quite fit these as the ears don’t fully engage the tabs which means it’s difficult to get the my Wavian spouts to seat. Other than that, a fine fuel can. And like many others have said, blemishes?, where? I looked all 4 I got over and didn’t see a single nick, bump, scratch, etc, that I would have paid any mind to, unless the whole spout tab alignment was the “blemish” or imperfection. Overall, will buy more in the future!

  39. Verified owner Michael

    Ordered four blemished cans and after a cursory lookover, I really can’t tell the difference between the pristine new ones! Even if there are some imperfections, it doesn’t really matter: after all, these are containers that are going to get tossed around and used, not crystal vases you sit on the dining room table …

  40. Verified owner Andrey

    Thanks for great cans!

  41. Verified owner Richard H.

    Great Can – Terrific construction. I got a Blemished can and the only real blemish was a couple of tiny dents in the corners on the bottom, no damage to the finish or structure of the can, just a slightly dented in spot. It is the kind of blemish that it will get from use anyway. So other than that minor cosmetic imperfection, a really good Can. High quality welding and expert design.

  42. Verified owner RICHARD F.

    Purchase was easy online. Cans came in the time stated when purchase was made. Went over the cans an have not found the blemishes, look perfect. Will buy more when needed.

  43. Verified owner Matt O.

    They look great and came quickly.

  44. Verified owner Randy Wolf

    Fast shipping, terrific product. Wish I had found this seller before I bought the 5 other cans. Product was listed in the catalog as, “Blemished” but the product I received was first class and not one scratch or ding did I find.

  45. Verified owner kevin d.

    Cans look good, should work great to store liquid go-juice.
    Arrived on time, no damage.

  46. Verified owner Doug Crowder


  47. Verified owner Robert B.

    Tan paint seems to be very good quality, though it is rather glossy. So if you want a more subdued look, go with the Black ones. The listing said “blemished” but I didn’t see any faults with the ones I received.

  48. Verified owner Robert C.

    I originally bought the green jerry cans and liked them so much I ended up purchasing tan ones for diesel.

  49. Verified owner Michael

    Order was sent in a few days. ordered the 20 L blemished Jerry cans .No visual defects very high-quality. I am planning to order the 10 L Jerry cans when they are back in stock

  50. Verified owner Anonymous

    outstanding product (can’t find the blemish) and excellent delivery

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