5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Olive Drab) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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147 reviews

147 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Olive Drab) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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  1. Verified owner Andy L.

    Far superior product than you can purchase in a big box store. The welds are as solid as the steel can itself.

  2. Verified owner Leonard Cottingham

    Speedy delivery quality product quite satisfied.

  3. Verified owner Jim

    A very well made can worth every penny fast shipping.

  4. Leopold Scotch

    Excellent material

  5. kevin barker

    Heavy duty can. I am impressed with the build of it, very solid.

  6. David Whitis

    Looks are cool everything fits haven’t filed it yet but I dont forsee any leaks well done

  7. David H. Bosland

    Perfect for gas storage. I use siphon hoses with them.

  8. Tom T

    cap is the best ive seen

  9. Ernesto R.

    Work very well

  10. Jeff Chan

    Just what I needed works great.

  11. JCB

    I received the gas can, and it was in great condition. I think it will work much better than the previous plastic spout self-venting POS that I had before and I like that it’s metal and seems like it will last forever with a bit of common sense.

  12. Jewel

    Love this gas can its really nice and feels well built

  13. geonell

    Very solid metal like the green color.

  14. David Sharp

    I absolutely hate the new gas tank that have this ridiculous safety device that make it so difficult to fill my mower or boat. This gas tank allow to pour the gasoline easily though it isn’t very fast.

  15. Dale Booth

    These are the best Gas cans! They are easy to handle. The cover for the opening will not allow for any spills. Worth every penny

  16. Nick

    They arrive quickly and undamaged. They come with a spout, So at this price point they are a great value. They appear to be well made and decent quality.

  17. mike

    These worked well! Would recommend for storage.

  18. Lotus

    really happy with this, in California they have these stupid bottles that don’t work, this thing is great!

  19. mike

    Item even nicer than described. I am very satisfied with my new gas can.

  20. Chris

    Great purchase well worth the price. This product is durable, attractive, functional, and works as it should. This oil/gas can will be used for many years and if I am ever in need of another gas can I would purchase this one again.

  21. Ann Moore

    seems like a good gas can so far””””I ordered another

  22. Bomschtein

    I got my first one yesterday, very nice, price is great, can feels nice ly made, I will buy several more.

  23. 7

    Seems to be a good quality can for the money although mine was damaged by the shipper the seller offered a free replacement.

  24. RICHARD D.

    Well built and made to fit jerry can holder.

  25. Ralph

    Bought one for my husband, he loves it. Fits in the Jerry can holder perfectly. It arrived with a couple minor debts in it and I contacted the company and they resolved it quickly and professionally. My husband is happy and in fact is going to get a second one.

  26. Michael Hicks


  27. FuriousGeorge

    Real deal! The quality on these is fantastic. Seals are great, no leaks. Worth the cost.

  28. Fox Creek

    Nice product delivered as promised!

  29. Blue Max

    These are made in eastern Europe, but don’t let that worry you. These are superb products, made to NATO spec, and are essentially a direct copy of the famed “Jerry Can” design used by Germany during the last big dust-up.

    Piss off a bureaucrat, and use it for gasoline as intended. The only way to get one of these to leak or vent fumes is to put a bullet hole in it. Super piece of kit, far better than any of these idiotic “CARB-approved” designs out there now that leak and vent fumes like mad, despite the cube-dwellers in DC or Sacramento assuring us it isn’t so.

  30. Laurence Howard

    After inspection, no defects were found. NATO stock number on handle ends.

  31. mfshooter

    I carried four of these cans in the back of my service truck for seven years. Never had a leak. Passed all safety inspections on every job site. Seals were still good when I retired. Now the new guy is carrying them around.

  32. Mark

    You won’t regret it. Tough as nails. The camo paint is so nice it’s hard to use it and get it scratched up!

  33. Kyle C.

    Until I actually use and test the gas canister, I have absolutely no complaints and hope I won’t. Super strong and sturdy and feels like it could withstand hundreds of pounds of force.

  34. JOHN

    Looks great! Feels durable.No doubt it will work as advertised. I can’t wait to use it. I will be mounting it on the drivers side on my 2000 Jeep Wrangler soon. I’m planning on buying a second one for the passenger side.

  35. John Aspen

    Solid just as advertised and shipped quickly!

  36. LynnB

    Haven’t used this yet, but it does seem very sturdy, and the nozzle fits like a glove. Lots of copycat knockoffs out there, and all have poor reviews. Stick with higher end products like this.

  37. Mike7

    I will never buy a crappy plastic gas spilling, dangerous, and not safe for children or adults gas can again. Sometimes old school is just better, and these gas cans are better in every way.

  38. Ackerman

    What is there to say? It’s well built and capable of taking some hits. The first outing I took it on, I hit some rough terrain at high speed and the full fuel can was ejected from the vehicle while at ~25mph. It suffered only cosmetic damage. Fueling is easy, quick and clean.

  39. Joe

    Great quality! The best off road can I have had. Not the cheap China knock-off. #jeep

  40. JORDAN

    Great diesel can. Will be buying another one!

  41. Jonothan

    excelent cans

  42. Kima Weaver

    Bought as gift for my son for jeeping and camping. He loved it. Never thought about spending this much on a gas can but after the alittle research thought it well worth it.

  43. Zoie

    Works great. Like the jerry cans of old..
    Received it yesterday, peeled off the warning stickers and filled it up. Forgot about it till today. It was laying on its side in the trunk of my car. No leaks at all, and no gasoline odor whatsoever.

  44. robert

    Well built looks great with the gas can mount I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for great quality cans

  45. Richard McMillan

    I ordered two of these Jerry cans. They arrived professionally packaged and in perfect condition. Nicely done! The cans are awesome. They are well made and will no doubt last longer than I will. I look forward to using them to carry extra fuel for my ATVs, wave runners, etc.

  46. Jon

    Good well made. Made in Poland, I am happy with the product.

  47. Bonnie M.

    I recently tried to find a gas can in our town after a very cold few days and most stores had only 1 gallon size. I ordered this to hold gas for my generator. It is very well made, just as described, and great quality. I would recommend it.

  48. KJ

    This Jerry style can is what I was looking for. It appears to be well built and should last for many years. I bought it to replace an older Jerry can for my son to use in his 4×4. The old can had a very leaky nozzle. The new can fit in the old style can bracket which was nice. The can has been filled with gas and put in my son’s 4×4. It has been there a couple of weeks with no problems. To early to tell what the 100+ degree heat in summer will do to it. Overall I was very happy with my purchase.

  49. New Citrus Grower

    Fourth can I have bought. I put ethanol free gas in them and add sta-bil marine fuel additive so the gas will last up to a year.

  50. Alexander Z.

    Yes, it is made in Poland. Not China ! Very nice accurate welding. Don’t hesitate contact distributor – very nice knowledgeable people.

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