5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Desert Camo) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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33 reviews

33 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Desert Camo) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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  1. Doris Forshee

    I am not sure how this can fairs when actually holding fuel as that wasn’t the purpose for this one. My husband uses them for projects and it was exactly what he needed and it worked great.

  2. Greg

    Cans arrived very quickly! All 4 “burped” when I opened them indicating a perfect seal. Sturdy and well made for the price. Would certainly buy these again. Good communications with the seller, too!

  3. Arlene Lumbard

    Great fuel can for the price. very good service and shipping. Will buy more in future. great product support and they will quickly answer your emails about the product or your order.

  4. Joe N

    I have ordered 3 fuel cans 3 different times for a total of 9 so far. If they were not the best, I would not have ordered them 2 more times.

  5. willie g

    It is a quality product it appears to be built sturdy and has an excellent finish on it and the lid and spout seal great. I would buy again!

  6. Bonnie Castillo

    well made, delivered quick and just what i needed! thanks guys ??

  7. D. Johnson

    Husband is super happy with quality for the price.

  8. Matt L

    Fast delivery, the real deal, perfect transaction

  9. Scott W

    These are the finest fuel containers available anywhere. Extremely durable, very resistant to leaks during use, and absolutely no fuel odor when sealed. You get what you pay for with these fuel cans.

  10. TIM R

    While I haven’t filled it yet, build quality looks awesome.

  11. Everett N

    The Nato Jerry cans are very well constructed. They don’t leak…therefore they’re very safe for storing gasoline. That’s what I like about Nato Jerry cans. They’re nice looking cans too!

  12. Keith S

    Love these cans! Nothing else on the market compares! Buy once cry once!

  13. lexx

    I never had my hands on an original so can’t compare them. They’re heavy duty. Lid locks closed, no leaks. CAMo looks incredible

  14. John F

    I just received two and fueled it. I can say the one good thing so far that I really appreciate is that when I fueled it and then put it back in my car, there are zero fumes as opposed to my plastic gas cans. Normally with my plastic fuel cans, I have to crack open a window just to vent the fumes.

  15. T. Vincent

    I was happy with the quality of the cans. I was just disappointed that 1 of the cans was dented in a bottom corner when it was shipped to me.

  16. John

    I have purchased 12 of these to store gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. They seal air-tight, they have not rusted, and they have been satisfactory. I’ve had mine for two years and they get used weekly for fill ups on a boat, my cars, and a diesel tractor. No leaks and they are all still air tight. I store them off the floor on a wire rack so they don’t rust on the concrete.

  17. James F

    Excellent can. Well made and very durable. Paint quality is superb.

  18. Jeffrey S

    Best on the market have bought three will buy more

  19. Karguy

    Product is in good condition. These are your durable surplus storage cans you dad had that if fallen of the back of the truck you could count on them not getting destroyed.

  20. Nick Shrope

    Used to store fuel for my motorcycle. It is sturdy and functional. It seals and does not spill. Flow rate is appropriate.

  21. Charles M

    Very nice jerry cans, good and sturdy with a nice coating. Should last a lifetime!

  22. Ron S

    Love the camo.. Great size and quality.

  23. David C

    I ordered 6 Jerry cans, extra gaskets, and a flexible spout all was shipped very fast. They came to me in excellent shape I was expecting maybe a little scuffing from shipping not that it matters a whole lot since they are gas cans, all in all I am very satisfied with my purchase and would buy from these guys again.

  24. John S

    Delivery was quick and the two five gallon fuel cans were packaged very well. The quality of the product exceeded expectations. I plan to purchase additional ones.

  25. Billy P

    I love it. Finally a camo jerry can. This is a very high quality fuel can and it is easy to use and there is no fuel on my hands when I am done using it. Out go all my crappy plastic cans. I am going to buy more different color ones, so I can determine what fuel is in each without having to write a paper label that falls off after it got drenched with fuel. Love it 🙂

  26. Stephen O

    This is the best can ever. I have been through tons of plastic garbage (have to replace them just about once every year or two – Not this can, it can take a beating and continue functioning just fine.

  27. Haroldwolf

    This is a great gas can at a good price.

  28. CBH420

    pretty well built. seems solid. I’m put a lining inside for xtra safety/longevity.

  29. SIMON

    A great buy the best price out there I did a 1hr web search and didn’t find it any cheaper then here!, It would be nice if they had a small 1gl as well.

  30. gunny

    So far no leaks and they have had fuel in them for about 5 days. like better than the plastics that are so prevalent. Same quality as 40’s through 60’s military jerry cans.

  31. Al

    The cans are well prepped and seams nicely welded and sealed.

  32. ABEL

    Adequate product and as good as the Jerry cans provided by the US military in the 1950’s.

  33. Elizabeth Burow

    I purchased this can for a cross-country road trip that I was planning. I needed something that would be durable and would not leak any fumes and make everything smell like gasoline. This can works well for what I needed.
    *It is made of metal, a fairly thick gauge
    *It is sturdy. I never had any problems with this can on my 3000 mile trip
    *It does not leak fumes at all. The rubber seal works great.
    *It comes with a pour spout. Most other NATO cans do not come with one.
    *The locking mechanism for the lid secures well.
    *Comes with a real pour spout with a breather rather than an EPA approved spout.

    *Minor but, the can does not have any way of attaching the spout to it.

    Overall if you are looking for a can that does not leak, is made of metal, is affordable, and does not have one of the horrendous EPA pour spouts on it, this is the can for you.

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