5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Black Matte) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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206 reviews

206 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Black Matte) Metal Gelg Jerry Can

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  1. Kendra S

    Solid heavy duty construction. No leaks.

  2. John C.

    This is a nice little can to be used in my Jeep. I might not be too impressed with the increased plastic parts around the nozzle, but maybe it won’t cause cancer in California this way. Pfffft.

  3. Elmer Grinchway

    Very well made, take a beating and don’t leak, either. With the optional metal spout they’re perfect.

  4. DetroitMadMan

    Very well made Jerry can. Iv owned olther models that always have ended up leaking from the lid and bottom welled seams. I kept this one in the back of my 2 door JK until I could get an outside mount attached. I never had a problem with the smell of gass, or leaks, even when off roading. I got an outside mount now, my only concern is dry rot from the rubber gasket. I know that its inevitable, but im sure I could find new gaskets if that ever becomes an issue. Will submit pics when i figure this app out!

  5. Warren leng

    Much better than plastic safety crazy gas cans,
    Quality made fit and finish

  6. Adam R

    I don’t buy those crappy plastic cans anymore. I recommend spending the extra money and getting sturdy metal cans that don’t spill have the gas when you try to pour because of the crappy spouts. This is also the best pour spout I have seen on a can. I don’t need an extra hand to work it like the other EPA ones.

  7. 3DForrrest

    This is a true military spec Jerry can. Very nice welds on the seams. It’s well made from top to bottom. It will cost you more but the quality you get is worth it in my opinion. It will fit into all Jerry can holders/carriers on the market.

  8. Master Ed

    Great Deal

  9. Carol G.

    Love it. Sturdy steel. I only wish I had gotten the stand to keep it upright in the back of my truck. Using bungee cords. It took a little bit of doing to figure out the lock and pour cap. The pour spout can be snapped onto the lid until needed. No leaks.

  10. A.J.

    I actually received these sooner than I expected. The quality is amazing and met all my expectations. I was so imporessed I ordered 4 more!

  11. AlexofAZ

    Seems great so far. I’ve had it about 3 days. Filled it the first day and drove home with it in the cab. Stunk of gas something fierce! I think I got gas on the outside when I was filling it, so not the cans fault. The real test was filling a vehicle with the carb compliant spout. I paid care to ensure a good seal of the spout, flipped it into the filler of my pickup, got a single drop of gas on the nozzle there, applied pressure and had a splash free fill. Turning the can fully upside down emptied the can. It took about 4 minutes but that wasn’t a deal breaker. I’d been planning to buy the precarb nozzle but I’m no longer sure. It seems to work pretty well as it comes. I wonder if I can justify a second can…and a third…and…

  12. Anonymous

    Seems finding a quality gas can is difficult or close to impossible locally in any brick and mortar store. I found a few metal gas cans that were carb compliant, meaning the filler tube is not user friendly and prone to breaking due to the plastic build. The Gelg gas can is top of the line in build quality with nice even welds and a real filler cap the will not leak. Both cans were packaged well and delivered with no damage. I initially bought two cans with the filler spout, I will be ordering the four pack of cans in the next couple days based the quality of the two cans I received.

  13. Robert Ricketts

    Tight fitting seal and very sturdy, will not leak or let fumes escape. Far superior for fuel storage than plastic gasoline cans.

  14. Bart

    What can I say. Perfect gas storage for the upcoming gas crises. Thank you all. Stay safe.

  15. Transplanted Hoosier Fan

    These are heavy duty gas cans that far surpass, in my opinion, the cheap plastic models you find in discount stores.

  16. DrTSPC

    It doesn’t leak even when kept on its side on my roof rack, which was my goal. The non-spill spout works, but its assembly needs to be done carefully.

  17. Derek Brown

    Best cans out there. Period. Don’t cheap out, get a Gelg. My last one got stolen. I bought another because I liked it so much.

  18. Alexander P. Noriega

    Drove thousands of miles with this laying on its side, full of gas, in a rooftop cargo box – and no leaks, not a hint of gas smell in there. My only gripe is there’s no good way to sturdily attach the spout to the can when it’s disconnected – but you can find somewhere to put it, right?

  19. BluRidge Prepper

    I don’t have anything negative to say about these fuel cans other than they are tad bit expensive. They seal airtight and never leak.

  20. Marvin DeVoe

    Ordered two which arrived in about a week. One had three 1″ dings on the bottom, and had to return it. Return procedure excellent.

  21. M. Martinez

    Nice looking gas can, but like with the other reviewer, mine showed up without the spout. Seriously guys?

  22. RJ

    Quality can so far. If that changes, I will update this review.

  23. Gerard Rath

    Delivered without a spout, so I have to return it.

  24. Pentel energel


  25. W. Armour

    High quality. Great gas can.

  26. Max

    These are the REAL ones. GELG USA. If you’re serious about storing gasoline, these are what you need. Don’t trust the knock offs and the cheap Chinese crap, unless you like smelling gas evaporating from the can and don’t mind it spilling all over you when you pour it.

    This one is awesome. Which is why it costs more. And it’s worth it. You’re storing gas presumably because you intend to use it, perhaps in an emergency. You can’t go wrong with these. I store mine in the house and the seal is perfect, no odors at all. I do recommend buying a flexible steel spot. The solid ones are kinda tough to navigate into the fuel tank.

  27. Hallcrafts

    These are sturdy, well-made, Jerry cans that are approved for fuel transport. Came with spout and unleaded fuel adapter.

  28. marci

    works; quality can.

  29. RParker

    The real deal and they can also supply the real NATO spouts to go with it.

  30. Joe Walker

    These cans are great, highly recommended. Expensive but worth it.

  31. Michael Quinn

    Holds a little under 4 gallons of gas. Has a great seal – no spillage or odors at all.

  32. Antonio

    this one is the one you want…..the real deal

  33. J. F.

    Very solid cans with a solid latching system to prevent leaks and fumes. The spout comes with an adapter.

    My only gripe is I ordered (2x) green cans. I received (2x) red cans. It’s not worth the hassel to return since I can still use them. I knocked off a star for the mistake.

  34. tim hicks

    Excellent can, has exceeded my expectations.Tight seal at mouth of can and the welds are clean and strong. Seller obviously cares about their customers and will continue to buy from them (and have…. this is my second order from them. 3 cans total)

  35. Samuel

    The NATO can that arrived at my home surpassed my expectations. VERY high quality steel, durable and authentic. What impressed me was how it was packaged. Many people overlook this, but when I see these little details it make me appreciate the order a hundred times more. I hardly ever review anything but this was an exception.

  36. Ogre Ray

    A solid can. Nice fit and finish.

    Spout lid fits nicely.

  37. D. Solin

    Exactly what I was expecting, thanks!

  38. mjh

    Great gas can. Arrived early. Using for post Irma recovery. Solid built and no leaks.

  39. scot arriaga

    the Real Deal! Thx

  40. JN

    NATO Jerry Can for Gas, Diesel, Kerosense

    These cans are awesome. The quality is top notch, with great welds and NATO spec as expected. These cans are the real deal. Buy these now and be prepared and ahead of the game for the times that you really need to have some extra fuel on hand.

  41. Combat Casualty

    Plastic is dangerous and leaks fumes. Metal is secure, even black in the direct super hot sun, 110 degree plus heat, this is designed for expansion in these conditions. READ THE OFFICIAL OSHA/EPA GUIDELINES FOR FUEL STORAGE. 85%-90% full is recommended to allow for proper expansion. Do NOT keep “full as possible” this is old wives tale. Pressure will always build from fumes, totally filling can only limits expansion design of the can. Also low level is not recommended.

    As Army Airborne Ranger we tested these small metal cans in the desert during Spec Ops. I now trust them to hang on my Jeep in SW Florida sun.

    BTW, filter fuel from cans for the initial fill/pour to ensure no flakes of paint/sealer from the interior.

  42. FloridaGuy

    I received 2 cans and they were very well packaged, not a scratch or dent. These cans are very well made, the welds are solid. They look like they can take a lot of abuse. I will be ordering a few more.

  43. Brian H

    Excellent service from Jerry Can and the can is perfect

  44. Josh

    3k miles on back of camper, road and offroad. Did not leak!!!

  45. Dale Gribble Rusty Shackleford

    I was hesitant on buying these because there are lots of fakes that claim to be real NATO. These are the real deal, or at least the two I ordered and received are the real deal.

  46. Will haurin

    Love it

  47. Nico Toscani

    Nice. Recessed welded seam. Enamel coated interior.

  48. Ken

    Fast shipping and well packaged for no damage. No leaks. Great quality. Just what I wanted.

  49. B. Jordan

    Very well made. If I ever need another gas can this size, it will be another one of these. I plan to buy more as gifts for my father and father in law. I will not waste my money on plastic cans any more.

  50. jim

    Most excellent. Nothing more needs saying.

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