5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Black Matte) Metal Gelg Jerry Can (Blemished)

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55 reviews

55 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Black Matte) Metal Gelg Jerry Can (Blemished)

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  1. Verified owner Ernst

    Amazing Cans!

  2. Verified owner Michael

    Well constructed NATO Cans bought to replace my plastic Walmart cans

  3. Verified owner Timothy Y.

    Quality Control at it’s Finest!!, Will be buying again. Take notes everyone, buy American not Chinese knockoffs!! 100% satisfaction…..

  4. Verified owner Anonymous

    I had to look very hard to find the “blemish.”

  5. Verified owner Anonymous

    Excellent transaction

  6. Verified owner Steven S.

    This is the second blemished jerry can I have bought (some one stole my other one). Can’t tell it’s ‘blemished’ and it works as advertised. Worth every penny.

  7. Verified owner David P.

    Great communication and fast shipping. The only thing I could see on the cans as far as blemishes were light scracthes. Very happy with the product.

  8. Verified owner Kimberly Davis

    I like the quality so much more than the plastic gas cans i currently have. They are also slimmer so it saves space on my shelve. Very pleased.

  9. Verified owner Adam

    Very minor blemish. Great product

  10. Verified owner Anonymous

    Great quality cans that don’t leak and will stand the test of time!

  11. Verified owner Alex

    It says “blem”, but it looks just short of perfect. Only one extremely minor scratch on the handle. Definitely recommend it.

  12. Verified owner Douglas C.

    Ordered multiple cans, delivered quickly with no issues. Could not be happier with my purchase. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. I will be a return customer.

  13. Verified owner Anonymous

    haven’t filled yet , but it is painted inside (against rust), looks and feels just like my NATO cans. You DO need the Gelg spout for this. the old NATO spouts will fit but will not pour well.

  14. Verified owner Gordon

    Great quality

  15. Verified owner Michael Browne

    Arrived well packaged and ready to go. I can’t find the blemish and considering it will be banged up in use, I don’t mind.

  16. Verified owner Mathew R.

    I didn’t see a blemish on it! Built solid.

  17. Verified owner Thomas N.

    Top quality Jerry can at warehouse price, I’ll be a repeat customer!

  18. Verified owner Peter B.

    Purchased two cans, received them in two days, half the time expected. Supposed to be blemished but couldn’t find any. Great product. Bought four a couple of years ago and they are still working fine.

  19. Verified owner Anonymous

    Did not see any blemish

  20. Verified owner Jeff

    Items looked great, no blemishes that I noticed. Reasonably priced too.

  21. Verified owner John Glaze

    I bought the blemished jerry can…still looking for the blemish. The quality of construction is excellent. Holds fuel without leaking.

  22. Verified owner Daniel Perkins

    I bought this can to last me for rest of my life—I’m 56 and got a long way to go—I plan on handing it down to my daughter.

  23. Verified owner Sam Vlahovich

    I’m a man’s man, when I need a can, I call Jerry Can… because his cans can. I’m pretty sure Jerry is man, and I’m man enough to say, Jerry’s got nice cans. Word from the wise; If you are a soy-boy, buy a Jerry Can and shut-up, you’ll live longer.

  24. Verified owner RODNEY TEDRICK

    very nice can got it to put diesel in my tractor

  25. Verified owner MIKE M.

    Response time for delivery was fantastic and for being blemished and the price I still couldn’t see no damage LOL. Awesome Sure looked new to me!!

  26. Verified owner Bob A.

    Good product and very quick shipping,
    I will be ordering more in the near future.
    Thank You JERRYCAN,
    These may turn out to be a life saver in the near future, with the way World leaders are making consistently more selfish choices.

  27. Verified owner Norman

    Great cans! Sold as blemished but have yet to find any issues.

  28. Verified owner James Kountz

    Works great

  29. Verified owner Jared B.

    Can’t beat these for the price especially on blemish sales. Love the shape for storage and they are very robust. Been using these for years and they haven’t disappointed yet.

  30. Verified owner Sebastien K.

    Just received… My initial impression is that this product is fine… Can only provide a deeper review after some use.

  31. Verified owner Michael Mullikin

    Love the can’s. Work great still can’t find the blemish on them though!! LOL Will be ordering a couple of more in a few days Thanks 🙂

  32. Verified owner Doug Crowder


  33. Verified owner Robert B.

    The black paint is more dull in appearance than the other colors (I also have green and tan), which makes these great for situations where you want a more subdued appearance. Otherwise I think the overall paint quality is better on the tan ones. The listing says “blemished”, but I could not find any fault with the ones I got.

  34. Verified owner kc8647

    I received my order of two a little over a week ago. They’re in use now as fuel storage for a back-up generator and the quality is great, any blemish there is isn’t noticeable and they don’t leak. I ordered two more to help me offset any small difficulty I may experience as a proud citizen standing up for Ukraine. I had a couple of questions and they were answered in what seems like record time for any customer service anywhere in the world. I highly recommend the cans, the spouts (I got one of each type) and the company.

  35. Verified owner Bob

    Great service and follow-through! The jerry cans I ordered supposedly had some defects. If so, very minor.

  36. Verified owner David

    Would know theses were blemished, they look and function perfectly. Shipping was fast, and I’d highly recommend!!!

  37. Verified owner Evan

    Great price and great product

  38. Verified owner brian h.

    Cans look great, thank for the fast service.

  39. Verified owner Jorge

    Solid Jerry Can and I did not even notice the scratch and dent they said. Best one out for the money.

  40. Verified owner Stephen

    Any defects are very minor and practically unnoticeable. The product performs perfectly! These cans dump fuel faster than anything I’ve ever used!

  41. Verified owner Albert Lopez

    Great customer service, great product, best price anywhere around.

  42. Verified owner Freddy Mota

    Great product. Good price. Very sturdy and well done

  43. Verified owner Joe M.

    Great product, good about notifying when available the only thing from keeping them from getting 5 stars was it took them awhile to get the order shipped out.

  44. Verified owner Steve

    great deal on a good can

  45. Verified owner jeffery

    Well made… don’t think I’ll ever have to fool with those plastic jugs again.

  46. Verified owner Benjamin Napier

    The cans I wanted at a good price and quickly!

  47. Verified owner Christopher E.

    For scratch and dent these looked great! I hardly noticed any damage honestly. They seal extremely well and do not leak or off gas. These are a great solution for fuel storage!

  48. Verified owner Carlos Garcia

    Used the cans the day after I recived them. Liked them so much I’m getting ready to order three more. Highy superior to plactic cans.

  49. Verified owner James V.

    Very quick delivery, quality looks good coming out of the box.

  50. Verified owner Nicholas T.

    Very Nice Cans. Not as heavy gauge as my Vintage German Military ones but are very nice

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