5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Red) Steel Wavian Jerry Can (Spout Included)

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84 reviews

84 reviews for 5 Gallon (20 Liter) (Red) Steel Wavian Jerry Can (Spout Included)

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  1. EC

    BEST CAN ON THE MARKET. We had to take them south because of gas shortages and we stored them in the car. Not a bit of odor, spill—NOTHING. Solid, well-made and absolutely no complaints. Worth every penny. We plan on getting a couple more!

    Also, this company shipped very quickly and they are listed on the cans website as official. If anyone see’s this review, I’d buy from here. They sell the real-deal! (we found out there are actual fake cans on the market)

  2. Verified owner Chris Clark

    Excellent quality can. It seem very rugged, seals great, nice spout included. Very pleased.

  3. Verified owner Bob

    Thought I would try one of these after reading about them, the can is very well made and does exactly what it is supposed to do, hold gas and not leak. Not a big fan of the EPA nozzle but it even works. I will buy more of these

  4. Verified owner Tim

    Certainly not inexpensive, but you buy the ‘real-deal’ to ensure you’ll have a viable fuel source in an emergency, right? In Maine our fuel comes from a long way away, and when the world goes sideways (blizzards, power outages, etc) fuel is a critical resource. Leaky plastic jugs won’t cut it.

  5. Verified owner Richard

    Great Product. Very high quality. The seal is awesome. I have filled these and placed them on the floorboard of my car with confidence and have never had a spill or leak. I have now ordered 3 of these cans and all have been shipped on time and received in perfect condition. Having several plastic gasoline containers and one US Army “jerry can”, there is no comparison. All have leaked and the Army can was a nightmare!

  6. Verified owner Joe Scavo

    When these cans are closed, they are sealed. I put these in the back of my truck (with a cap) after I fill them and when I get home there is no smell whatsoever. I’ve owned many different types of jerry cans and none of them seal like these.

  7. Verified owner martin emmons

    Awsome product and so easy to order shipped on time with no hassle will definitely be doing business with these guys again

  8. Verified owner Don

    Haven fully used the can yet but am impressed with the construction, very heavy duty. I filled the can and locked the lid and it has lived on top of my Jeep for the last week, laying on its side and strapped to the roof rack. It has not leaked at all. I haven’t used the spout yet, but the push function slides easily. Am very satisfied with this can and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy no leak can.

  9. Verified owner Craig

    Shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition, no dents or scratches. I like the fact it is made of metal. The nozzle clips in nicely but I think I’ll put a strap around it since it will be on the back of my jeep. Overall very satisfied

  10. Verified owner Curtis

    I haven’t used the Jerry Can yet; however, I’ve had different brands in the past and this is by far the nicest one I’ve had to date. The steel seems rugged and indestructible, and the spout is made of great quality. As a frequent traveler to Mexico, well-functioning gas cans are imperative in my opinion.

  11. Verified owner Grant

    If you’re looking to buy new (as opposed to surplus), this is the best option. While the lip around the mouth of the can, and the lid/latch aren’t quite the quality of my old German-made real surplus cans, they’re still airtight and compatible with the old surplus spouts. I got these to replace the surplus cans which were rusting out on the bottom. These are superior in every way to the American cans with the round threaded opening, except that the American style is stronger and less prone to wearing holes on the bottom thanks to the recessed bottom and sheet metal lip.

  12. Verified owner Brian Lippert

    Everything was excellent love the quality of the product and the prompt delivery time.

  13. Verified owner Bradford Buchorn

    I purchased a couple of these as a gift for a good friend. The reason is the quality of these cans cannot be matched in todays market. CARB certified. The answer for long term fuel storage. Safe enough to carry in your vehicle or small plane.
    I have several more that I have been using and can’t say enough about the true value of these cans. Nice to see a manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners on Quality.
    Worth every penny.

  14. Verified owner Ralph Cocciolo

    Well built. Fast delivery . It is exactly what I was looking for in a gas can for all the long trips I take.

  15. Verified owner RSB

    Service was excellent in all points. The product is as described. This is a very stout can that I know I’ll be able to rely on without thought or worry as to it functioning well for me. I will do business with Jerrycan again.

  16. Jeepmojo

    20l Jerry can (black) Got here in New Hampshire in perfect condition as seen as on site, impressed with the quality and Jerrycan.com for selling a good product ! No scratches or imperfections. Yes worth the money i feel . If i get more it will be from Jerrycan.com ( Thanks)

  17. Verified owner Jesse Janzen

    Such a beautiful product! No doubt the best there is. Unfortunately, they did not work with the tire carrier I bought. Compounding matters, I cannot not return them due to the incredibly short window to return items at jerrycan.com . I did not even get into the shop to attempt installing within that period of time. So I guess I am stuck with them. At least they will make attractive decorations in my garage.

  18. Verified owner SJackman

    Wow, purchased two of these and as crazy as it sounds, I can’t stop showing them off. Just flat out superior in make, quality and craftsmanship to ANYTHING else available.

  19. Verified owner philip rexroat

    This is a quality product and excellent customer service . I had an issue with the gas can after delivery and was contacted by email and phone . The concern was resolved to my satisfaction . I would definatly recommend this can and any other products from this company . Thumbs Up !

  20. Verified owner Randy

    The 20L gas cans arrived in a timely manner and were packed well enough to avoid scratching each other and had no dents. However, the black plastic piece attached to the cans, used for storing the nozzle on the outside of the can when not in use, is defective on one of the 2 cans I ordered… it will not secure the nozzle to the can properly or tightly like the other can.

  21. Verified owner Cisco kidd

    What a fantastic steel gas can. This is EXACTLY what i had been searching for. Being a Canadian resident w anbupcoming OR trip from BC requiring 10 gallons of local fuel for car tuning I was on the hunt for the perfect gas can. Guess what I found it! No complaints in my short usage period ability to store on its side, amazing! No fumes or leakage! Quick shipping, solid product. I am very happy! Highly recommended!

  22. Verified owner Ken

    I have been looking for a decent gas can for a while. I had been searching locally and was not finding what I was looking for. This can fits my needs! Well made and fast delivery.

  23. Verified owner Chris

    Nice can and an excellent company to order from. I ordered 2 cans and one of the nozzles were damaged in shipping, the nozzle was replaced quickly with no hassles. GREAT PRODUCT and Company.

  24. Verified owner Tim G

    Superior built quality. Solid materials. Not leaks. Legit Jerry Can. Avoid Chinese knockout offs. These are worth every penny.

  25. Verified owner George

    The 20L cans looks so good on my JK, the added security of having extra fuel available is Fantastic. .. the quality of the cans is amazing

  26. Verified owner Brent

    Well made and fast shipping. Much cheaper option than rotopax. Will work great on my jeep

  27. Verified owner Mike H.

    Thought pricing was fair for new jerry cans. I only wanted best quality I could find. These are the real deal. I was disappointed that I received a package of 4 cans and the package had been damaged somewhere between warehouse storage and shipping. One can received a dent in the bottom and the nice paint job is cracked because of the damage sustained along the way. I was not home when delivery was made, else I would not have accepted with the damage. I emailed JerryCan.com about the damage, but have not received a reply. Order processing and shipping time was very efficient, though. Would recommend to anyone interested in jerry cans.

  28. Verified owner glenn

    Great can and fast delivery. Bit pricey, but way better then the rest. You can’t go wrong.

  29. Verified owner buxton

    Product was (happily) just what I expected: A heavy-duty, well-designed and manufactured fuel can.
    Packaging was excellent and shipping was prompt. I plan to buy more of these from Jerrycan.com.

  30. Verified owner Charlie

    These are nice Wavian cans. I purchased 2 cans. They did have scuffs and several dents upon arrival. Looked like they should be warehouse scratch and dents, usable but not mint. One of the dents could have happened from the shipper but if so, it was because of the poor way it was packaged. Perform great, not worth headache of shipping back.

  31. Verified owner ElTurco

    After having seen every product on the market in person, I picked this Wavian 5 gallon Jerrry Can. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs. Nothing comes close in quality. The spout is ingenious; however, I have yet to test it with a motorcycle, where the can would need to be practically upside down to pour gasoline into the flat mouth of the gas tank. I’ll let you know.

  32. Verified owner Eric

    great experience from Sam and Survival Supplies. Cans arrived quickly and high quality. One slight issue with the Pin for one can. Sam immediately sending a replacement. I will be buying some more soon!

  33. Verified owner Ken

    This is the real thing. Worth every penny. Thank you very much.

  34. asdf

    1. Yep, it’s a great can, and no leaks when lying on its side. Very tight latch on the gas cap.

    2. I used a little piece of sandpaper to remove the paint from the narrow edge inside the hooks of the cap latch where they slide into the rings on either side of the spout. That way the hooks engage/disengage a little easier without two painted surfaces on a new can binding.

    3. Whatever jig or fixture is used to hold the latch hook assembly to the pouring spout is a little off. The two round pins on the sides of the pouring spout are just slightly misaligned when viewed from above, so the latch hooks are slightly canted when trying to latch the pouring spout the can. I can’t engage the spout hooks fully, but it’s still tight and doesn’t leak.

  35. Verified owner Frank

    Awesome cans, these are legit milspec jerry cans, worth every penny! Very rugged will last a vary long time

  36. Verified owner Greg Wilson

    Don’t be put off by the price. These are the real deal and worth every penny if you appreciate exceptional quality.
    Seals work well, no drips, no spills. Bought 2 arrived in 3 days, probably will get a few more down the road.
    Very pleased with both the quality and the service!

  37. Andy

    Outstanding container! Excellent build quality and construction throughout. Glad to see there are still companies out there that look to provide the very best.

  38. Bob in Ohio

    This is a great product. I’ve been looking for a good Jerry can and this is it. Get them while you can before they are outlawed in every state. All the plastic cans (CARB and nonCARB) leak when you pour from them. The only thing I thought was strange is that the cans come in four colors but the only color available for spouts was red, so I ordered red so the spout would match the can.

  39. Verified owner Ward Steward

    Great service and expedient delivery. Received my fuel cans today and they are NATO issue and solid, brand new and well worth the money.

  40. Verified owner Josh

    Just like the original. Not sure if it is the same as from WW 2 but it is identical to Jerry Cans I’ve had for 20 years. First class.

  41. Verified owner triston

    Survival Rated cans. I am a builder of a custom survival trailers and my clients demand the finest available components. I bought samples of all the jerry cans on the market. These cans are by far the best quality. I also use the can holders which not only look good but provide added security for your cans. Look no further you have found the best.

  42. Verified owner Guy Huntley

    Been looking for a great Jerry Can for a long time. No need to look any further. Solid product. Worth the price

  43. Verified owner tate

    Very happy with the 4 I purchased. A big improvement over the 5 gallon plastic gas and diesel containers I had been using previously. I also like the spouts – they attach quickly and securely with no leaks. The vented can design combined with the spout results in quick, no-leak pouring. They take up less floor space than plastic containers. Plus, they just look cool!

  44. Verified owner hubeaz

    I’ve been searching for a decent fuel can for road trips for years. Have had several of the plastic style fuel jugs, but they all emitted fumes either while stored in my garage, or sitting in the back of my truck while on road trips. I needed one that wouldn’t emit fumes while being transported. This Wavian Jerry can does not emit any fumes. Just got back from a 1600 mile road trip, and if you didn’t see the can sitting in the back of my SUV, you’d have never known it was there. No fumes, no leaking, nothing. Worked perfectly. Will be ordering a second one soon for off-roading trips next.

  45. Verified owner Gottubes?

    Great replacement for government regulated plastic gas cans. These are the best, super high quality and worth every penny! My grandchildren will still be using these 50 years from now. After being totally frustrated with the new regulated plastic cans, I bought these. They pour perfectly without an external vent.

  46. Verified owner Mo

    Finally I found the real Military issue Jerry Can. Great quality. Just what I needed at an affordable price.

  47. Verified owner Handyman in Dtown

    This is the real deal ! I have been all over Dallas and looked at all kinds of cans. This can is milspec , the paint is super nice as well as the interior coating. It is leak proof and the pour spout is perfect for my jeep and four wheeler. The best thing I like is the seam lays flat and the can stands up sturdy if you are on solid ground. I mounted the can in a new lockable holder on the frame of my toyhauler and it looks cool.

  48. Verified owner Bram Edwin

    Good price, solid, fast delivery. Not much else to say, it is as advertised

  49. Verified owner Gene Edwin

    Great value, solid build. I don’t want to risk storage in plastic … but the cost of metal cans stopped me from investing. The 4 pack is exceptional value and shipping was the most reasonable I’ve seen online. The box was well packed and took less than a week to get to my door. I suggest you add a spout to the order, you can make funnels work but at 18 bucks you’ll save that in spilled gas.

  50. Verified owner Keenan E.

    The real thing. Shipped fast and was packaged well. This is the real jerry can I was looking for and not the cheap knock off being sold all over the internet

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