Jerry Can

Manufacturers of Jerry Cans

jerrycan manufacturers


  • ARVIN-NOBLITT-SPARKS or NSI: Noblitt-Sparks Ind Inc in Columbus, Indiana

  • BENNETT: Bennett Mfg. Company Chicago Illinois

  • BOYCO: Boyle Manufacturing Co Los Angeles-Alameda California

  • CAVALIER: Cavalier Manufacturing Co in Chattanooga Tennessee

  • CHATTANOOGA: Chattanooga Stamping Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • CONCO: HD Conkey & Co in Mendota, Illinois

  • DAVIS WELDING & MFG Co in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • GP then GP& F. Co: Geuder Paeschke & Frey Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • LAWSON: Lawson Company Inc in Cincinnati, Ohio


  • MCC: Metal Container Corporation

  • MONARCH: Malleable Iron Range Company then later Monarch Ware Inc in Algoma, Wisconsin

  • NESCO: National Enameling and Stamping Company

  • PSD Co / PGH. PA: Pittsburgh Stell Barrel and Drum Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • RADIO STEEL: Radio Steel & Manufacturing Company Chicago Illinois

  • RHEEM: Rheem Manufacturing in New York

  • RUDY: The Rudy furnace Company Dowagiac Michigan

  • RUSSAKOV: Russakov Metal Company in Chicago

  • SAMCO: Samuel Stamping and Enameling Company Chattanooga Tennessee

  • JR TOY: Junior Toy Company Hammond Indiana

  • USSPC-B: US Steel Product or Pressing Company

  • USMC: US ​​Metal Container Company or “Blitz can” Miami Oklahoma

  • WHEELING: Wheeling Steel Corrugating Company in Wheeling, West Virginia




  • GP & F. Co




  • USMC: US ​​Metal Container Company

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