Jerry Can Faqs

Are jerry cans legal?

metal jerry cans

While Jerry cans are generally legal, there are specific regulations and requirements that must be followed depending on the jurisdiction and intended use. Some common considerations include:

Material and Construction: Jerry cans must be made of approved materials, such as metal or high-density polyethylene, and meet certain standards for construction to ensure they are safe for storing and transporting fuel.

Labeling: In many places, Jerry cans used for fuel storage need to be properly labeled with the type of fuel they contain and appropriate hazard warnings.

Capacity Limits: There may be restrictions on the size and number of Jerry cans that can be transported or stored in a given location.

Safety Standards: Jerry cans must meet safety standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the United States or similar agencies in other countries.

Use and Transport: When transporting fuel in Jerry cans, there are often rules regarding how they must be secured and handled to prevent spills and accidents.

Ventilation and Seals: Jerry cans must have proper ventilation and secure seals to prevent leaks and the buildup of pressure.

It is essential to check with local authorities or agencies responsible for fuel storage and transportation to ensure compliance with the specific regulations in the relevant jurisdiction.

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